Borough of National Park, 7 South Grove Avenue, National Park, NJ 08063      Phone:  856-845-3891      Fax:  856-845-0726
Home to the Red Bank Battlefield
Borough of National Park
Welcome The   Borough   of   National   Park   is   located   in   Gloucester   County   and   is 1   sq.   mile   and   home   to   the   Red   Bank   Battlefield.      National   Park borders   West   Deptford   Township   and   the   Delaware   River.      In   1895, National   Park   was   known   as   “National   Park   on   the   River”   and   was   a religious resort and retreat. National   Park   is   governed   under   the   Borough   form   of   New   Jersey municipal   government   and   consists   of   a   Mayor   and   Borough   Council of six council members, with all positions elected at large. The   Borough   has   2   Churches,   1   Elementary   School   (grades   pre-K through    6)    and    students    in    grades    7    through    12    attend    Gateway Regional High School in Woodbury Heights.
Gloucester County, New Jersey
BOROUGH GOVERNMENT Council Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of each month. TRASH Trash is picked up every Friday Public Works will not pick up leaves or yard waste in plastic bags RECYCLING Tuesday is Recycling day.  Blue recycling bins  should be placed at the curb after 5 pm on Mondays 2017 Budget 2016 Annual Financial Statement Free Notary services are available at Borough Hall to all residents Annual Drinking Water Quality Report Results for the Year 2015