The History of National Park as told by Paul Naphy. Click photo of Beach Hill for more information.
Borough of National Park
About National Park In   1777,   during   the   American   Revolutionary   War,   the   Continental Army   under   command   of   George   Washington   constructed   two forts   on   the   Delaware   River   to   block   the   approach   to   Philadelphia: Fort   Mifflin   on   the   Pennsylvania   side   and   Fort   Mercer   on   the   New Jersey   side   in   what   is   now   National   Park.   The   fort   was   named   in honor   of   Brigadier   General   Hugh   Mercer   who   had   died   earlier   that year   at   the   Battle   of   Princeton.   A   park,   monument,   and   museum commemorate the fort on its original site. On   October   22   of   that   year,   in   what   is   known   as   the   Battle   of   Red Bank,   an   attack   by   900   Hessian   troops,   serving   under   British Major   General   William   Howe,   who   then   occupied   Philadelphia, was   repelled,   with   heavy   losses   on   the   Hessian   side   (including the   death   of   their   commander,   Colonel   Carl   Emil   Kurt   von   Donop) by    the    600    Continental    defenders    under    Colonel    Christopher Greene. After   the   loss   of   Fort   Mifflin,   Fort   Mercer   was   abandoned without   a   fight   when   Lord   Charles   Cornwallis   landed   2,000   British troops nearby on November 18. Beginning    in    1895,    the    area    was    commercially    developed    as National Park on the Delaware, a religious resort/retreat for members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. National   Park   was   formed   as   a   borough   by   an Act   of   the   New   Jersey   Legislature   on April   15,   1902,   from   portions   of   West   Deptford Township. Red Bank Battlefield Park The   James   &   Ann   Whitall   House   is   an   18th   century   historic   house,   located   on   the Delaware River. Click here for more information.
Gloucester County, New Jersey
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