Borough of National Park
To contact any of the individuals listed below, call 856-845-3891 Board of Health Ele Hagerty Chief Financial Officer Kim Kwasizur Electrical/Emergency Management/Rental Inspector Joe Conboy Gloucester County Fire Marshall Edward Johnson Plumbing Inspector Bill Rebel, Jr. Construction Jim Gallagher Building & Fire Official Phil Zimm Property Maintenance Ele Hagerty Water Clerk Patty MacLuckie                           Solicitor                                                             Kelly Conroy
7 South Grove Avenue National Park, NJ  08063 Phone:  856-845-3891 Fax:  856-845-0726 Hours:  8 am to 4 pm Mondays-Fridays
Gloucester County, New Jersey
Borough of National Park, 7 South Grove Avenue, National Park, NJ 08063      Phone:  856-845-3891      Fax:  856-845-0726
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