Borough of National Park
In New Jersey, the Clerk occupies one of the most important and exacting positions in municipal government. The Core Duties of the Municipal Clerk include: Vital Statistics - Birth and Death Certificates, Marriage Licenses (all individuals must show valid ID to obtain either licenses and/or certificates) Borough Council Support - Legislative and legal support, advisement and coordination of the Borough agenda, filing of municipal resolutions and ordinances. Records Management - Records retention, storage (whether they are hard copy or electronic copy) and destruction as well as day to day preservation. OPRA - Open Public Recods Act - requests are completed through the Office of Municipal Clerk (for a copy of an OPRA request, click here)  Elections - Provide voter registration and oversight of municipal, school and/or primary elections.  All residents vote at the National Park Firehouse and the polls are open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Boards and Commissions - Minutes of the Borough’s various Boards and Commissions are, by law, required to be deposited and maintained by the Municipal Clerk. Alcoholic Beverage Control - Alcoholic beverage licenses and inspection of locations who serve alcohol fall into this service. Landlord Registration.  To be an authorized landlord in in the Borough of National Park, individuals must register with the Municipal Clerk.  Click here to download the form. Core Duties of the Borough Administrator To submit to the Governing Body, not later than ninety days prior to the start of the next fiscal year, a proposed budget of receipts and expenditures and an explanatory budget message. To see that the laws and ordinances are enforced. To coordinate the activities and programs of all departments and agencies of the Borough including any and all Boards or Commissions whose members are chosen by the town council. Carries out the directives of the Governing Body. Serves as the approval agent for the Borough purchasing. Attends meetings and conventions on behalf of the Borough.
Joy Gunn, Acting Municipal Clerk and Administrator  7 South Grove Avenue National Park, NJ  08063 Phone:  856-845-3891 Fax:  856-845-0726 email:
Gloucester County, New Jersey
Borough of National Park, 7 South Grove Avenue, National Park, NJ 08063      Phone:  856-845-3891      Fax:  856-845-0726
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FORMS Vital Records.  (Use this form to request Certified copies of marriage certificates, civil unions, etc.   Call the Borough Clerk’s at 856-845-3891 to schedule a time to submit the form and pay the required fee.) OPRA Form Marriage License Information and Marriage Application  (Reg 77) Building Code County Election Services   (includes Voter Registration    form and Application to Vote    by Mail)