Borough of National Park
The   Floodplain   Administrator   reviews   all   Zoning   and   Construction   Permit   applications      for compliance   with   Federal   and   State   requirements   for   any   proposed   construction   in   the   flood zone.        The    review    is    based    on    the    current    FEMA    Flood    Map    and    the    New    Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Wetlands, CAFRA and the 100 year Flood Zone. Upon   request,   the   Floodplain   Administrator   will   issue   a   letter   of   Flood   Zone   determination based on the current FEMA firm panels for the Borough. For additonal Flood information, click the links below: Flood Insurance FEMA
Josh Pitts, Floodplain Administrator 7 South Grove Avenue National Park, NJ  08063 Phone:  856-845-3891 Fax:  856-845-0726 Office hours: 8 am to 4 pm Mondays-Fridays Flood Insurance Information
Gloucester County, New Jersey
Borough of National Park, 7 South Grove Avenue, National Park, NJ 08063      Phone:  856-845-3891      Fax:  856-845-0726
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