Borough of National Park
This   office   is   responsible   for   maintaining   the   Borough’s   tax   accounting   records,   it   also   prepares the annual tax list and a monthly report of Borough tax funds collected, received and deposited. The   Tax   Collection   office   processes   all   current   and   delinquent   real   and   personal   property   taxes; and when appropriate, charges and receives penalties and interest for all collections. Property taxes are paid on a quarterly bases and are due on the following dates: February 1 May 1 August 1 November 1 PAY ONLINE………Water, Sewer and Tax payments can be paid online.  Making an online payment is easy, click here to be redirected to the external site. Additionally, credit or debit cards can now be used when making your Water, Sewer, Tax payments at the Borough Hall. National   Park   allows   a   ten   (10)   day   grace   period;   however   if   taxes   are   not   paid   within   the   grace period, interest will accrue back to the first day of the month. The    Tax    list    and    Tax    maps    are    available    to    the    public    during    regular    business    hours.        Additionally,   Tax   information   for   all   Gloucester   County   municipalities,   can   be   found   at:      Gloucester County Board of Taxation and Office of Assessment . There   are   special   deductions   available   for   Senior   Citizens/Veterans/Disabled   persons   if   they   meet the financial criteria.  For more information, call Anne Deeck at 845-3891. MAILING ADDRESS for the Borough Hall. All mail should be sent to Borough of National P.O. Box 262 National Park, NJ  08063
7 South Grove Avenue National Park, NJ  08063 Phone:  856-845-3891 Fax:  856-845-0726 Office hours: 8 am to 4 pm Mondays-Fridays email:
Gloucester County, New Jersey
Borough of National Park, 7 South Grove Avenue, National Park, NJ 08063      Phone:  856-845-3891      Fax:  856-845-0726
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Forms & Links Gloucester County Tax Maps To Access National Park information, do the following after the link opens: Select: “Gloucester County” Select:  “National Park” Select:  “Block” and “Lot” and then click “More Information” Tax Deduction for Seniors Property Tax Deduction Form for Veterans or their Survivor Property Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights New Jersey Rebates for Homeowners Individuals can also call:    The Fair Rebate Program         888-238-1233  Property Tax Reimbursement         800-882-6597